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The Pre-school program at RISE comprises of children between the ages 3 to 5. It's crucial to provide the right foundation to children of such a tender age. At this stage, we make our best efforts to promote the social personal and emotional development of children.

Both our LKG and UKG standards are headed by highly qualified teachers who are empathetic and responsive to the underlying needs of students. Teamwork, communication, physical health and self-help skills are a few of the areas we broadly focus on in this program.


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The Primary School program at RISE equips students with skills that last a lifetime. Ranging from Class I to Class V, students belonging to this program are introduced to ethical values, scientific thinking and logical analysis. All our children are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities and hone their innate talents in the best possible manner.

Mere rote learning can be boring and ineffective in the long run. That's why our students are taught in a fun and interactive manner, with the help of latest digital equipment and teaching technologies. After all, learning is meant to be a joyful and lifelong process, confined not just to the classroom but to every sphere of one's life. And it's exactly this principle that we aim to impart to all of our students.


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The Middle School program at our school consists of Classes VI to VIII. As children become young adolescents, it becomes increasingly important for them to learn critical thinking and contextual analysis. It is at this age that students slowly begin to take small decisions of their own. At RISE, we aim to help our students develop this decision-making faculty by providing the right guidance.

Students of this age are taught that self-respect is just as important as giving respect to others. Goal setting is another aspect that is given due importance at this stage. Rather than telling students what to do, our teachers nurture their natural intellectual capabilities to help make their own decisions.


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High School is a critical phase in the life of every student. Classes IX to X are part of this program at RISE. Students of this age group are encouraged to think about their future career paths and make choices accordingly.

At this phase of life, due to parent pressure, academic pressure and peer pressure, students often tend to get stressed out. For this very reason, we ensure that all our students are given abundant scope to focus on their well-being by engaging in sports and other relaxing activities such as dance, music and so on. After all, only calm and composed students can excel in academia as well as extracurricular activities.